Friday, April 13, 2012

Main Character: Hoshiko

Hoshiko, star child, concept art
Early Concept Art
Using my own character sheet here's the main character of the series. Check after the break to see her character chart.

Role: Main Character
Sex: Female
Age: 8
Birthday: August 9
Race: Half America / Half Japanese
School: Noboru Elementary
Grade: 3rd
Name means: Star Child

Mother: Haha
Father:  Chichi
Brother: Ani
Best Friend: Yumeko
Friends: Naoko

Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Purple
Hair Length: Mid length but kept up in buns so it looks short

Likes and Dislikes;
Likes: anything cute, tasty, and fun
Dislikes: boring things
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: can't choose
Least Favorite Food:

Thinks of others and smiles often, but can be forgetful. Always wants to play. She wants to be friends with everyone. Loves being happy and having fun, but sometimes gets carried away.

Born and raised in America she has recently moved to Japan. Her mother taught her Japanese.

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